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yogi-g dj Djs
From formal events to energetic parties, our talented dj’s provide you with an incredible and massive selection of music. Our DJ’s cater to you and your needs and provide a custom music list for your event! We will make sure to provide only the "perfect" playlist so your guests will be talking about your event for a long time!
yogi-g mc MCs
Our professional MC’s offer a non-stop entertainment package! From energetic introductions to getting the dancefloor started, our emcees will make sure your guests are entertained the moment they walk in to the ballroom! Our emcees are fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, and Spanish.
yogi-g dhol Dhol Players
Nothing gets the crowd going like our dholi’s who have rocked crowds for over ten years! Our dhol players will keep your baraat/party pumpin' with live drumming!
yogi-g dhol Mobile Baraat System
This package adds more "KICK" to your Baraat. Along with a dholi you can add a mobile sound system that will keep the crowd rocking NONSTOP with the latest Bollywood & Bhangra hits!
yogi-g led LED Lighting
A high intensity (3-WATT) lighting system which can be used to illuminate your venue's walls and ceilings. Transform your ballroom into the dreamy, magical look that matches your decor, flowers, and outfit! LED lighting can be changed to almost ANY color you may desire. A MUST FOR EVERY EVENT!
yogi-g intelligent Intelligent Lighting
These lights are controlled and can be precisely pointed to any area of the room. Imagine having spot lights on the entry doors as the wedding party enters and then add a beautiful glow on you as you share your first dance as husband and's all possible now! Available in 2, 4, or 6 fixtures.
yogi-g pinspot Pinspot Lighting
You spend so much money on beautiful centerpeices and cakes, but what's the point if no one can see them properly? Let us "enhance" it with a special pin-spot light that will leave your guests in awe! Available in packages of 10, 20 or 30 or more.
yogi-g led LED Dancefloor
Imagine taking your guests back to the 70's when the dancefloor was the talk of the party! With all the technologies available, the floor does so much more now! Write messages, change colors to the beat of music, step on pressure points that create a unique "ripple effect" and more......THE ULTIMATE EFFECT!
yogi-g gobo monogram Custom Gobo Monogram
Customize your event with personalized gobo’s and monograms with names, initials or designs. This is where a client can be as creative as they want in creating something that will stand out at their event. Place it on the ceiling, walls, or even the center of the dancefloor!
yogi-g speakers Premium Sound Systems
It's no fun when the music is too loud for your event or not loud enough! Or when none of your guests can hear the important speeches during the evening. Considering the size of each event and number of guest attending, Yogi-G Entertainment will provide the "perfect" amount of sound to ensure you and your guests have an unforgettable time!
yogi-g dj booth Pro Dj Booth
A nice, clean, sleek finish to any ballroom....The Dj Facade Booth...our most popular addon! When added with LED lights, this booth will ensure that all unsightly cables and wires will not be visible and keep the guests focused on the beautiful matching decor!
yogi-g screen projector Screen/Projectors
Want to show a slideshow movie or want to display personal images on your big day? There is no better way for your guests to get to know you better than a screen/projector combo! Screens range from 5'x8' to 9'x'12 and projectors range from 3000-10,000 lumens.
yogi-g video mix Video Mixing
Surprise your guests with something VERY unique... as they begin to dance, watch their jaws drop when they look up at the screens and see their favorite videos being mixed LIVE with the music! Only Yogi-G Entertainment provides this service! We'll mix up your favorite Bollywood and English videos with the music, without missing a beat!
yogi-g plasma Plasma/LCD TVs
Keep the look modern and clean throughout your event with Plasma TVs to display your favorite images/videos. All TVs mounted on a truss or TV Stand to help keep unsightly wires and cables out of view. Available 42"-55"
yogi-g blue flame productions Bollywood Perfomers
Inject your event with a spice of Bollywood! Yogi-G Entertainment only provides the BEST in Bollywood Entertainment for you and your guests! Performers are available during the baraat, welcomning your guests, special performances throughout the evening, getting your dancefloor started and much more!
yogi-g bollywood strings Bollywood Strings
Add a unique live musical touch to your event with a Bollywood String Quartet! These amazing musicians play all your favorite bollywood songs throughout your event... cocktail hours, dinner music or even your first dance!
Other provided services:
Pin spotting, Full Steel Trussing with Covers, Animated Laser Show, Party Props, Photobooths, Event Coordination, Live Musicians, Custom Audio Mixes, Live Video Feed, Confetti Canons, Indoor Fireworks, Bubble Effects, Fog Machines/Hazers
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