One thing really matters…

Your party is going to rock. I mean really rock.

From the minute the party starts there will be a contagious energy. Your guests will be happy. People will be relaxed.

How do we do it? It takes experience, skill, and intuition. Yes, we have all the extras that you can even dream of for your special event, from specialized lighting, to confetti canons, mobile baraat, video screens, dhol players and so much more.

But it takes more than all of this to make a great party and our team is known throughout Texas for their party creating skills.

What do you want for your party? Give us a call and let’s start planning your perfect event today.


“DJ Yogi and his team were one of the few vendors that I knew I had to have even before I even started planning my wedding! Throughout all the years, every time I’ve been to a DJ Yogi event, it was the best! They were easy to work with, flexible, professional and very quick & efficient. You can give minimal direction, and they just know exactly what to do and take your event to the next level! Thank you so much for making our wedding events so fun and lively!”