What is a Baraat System?

In South Asian communities, it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue on a mare, accompanied by his family members. The baraat can become a large procession, with music and dancers. Often the groom and his horse are covered in finery. Often the groom carries a sword. This procession usually proceeds to the rhythm of a DHOL PLAYER.

Not From S. Asia?

Consider stepping outside of the box and hiring our Mobile Baraat System for a procession from the wedding venue to the reception. How memorable would that be?

Dhol Players

How do you make DJ entertainment even better? With live drumming! Watch what happens when your guests hear the first beat of the Dhol. The hall will explode with fun! Dhol players coupled with our DJs and MCs is a formula for a “legendary” baraat, reception, or party.