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“But what actually happened is the best night of my life…”

“From my first conversation with Yogi, I had a feeling that he “got” me and understood what I wanted for my wedding – which was a big non-stop dance party. Yogi and I immediately connected on our love for 70s, 80s and 90s music and he assured me that it was possible to mix not only Desi and American music, but Irish music as well (for my groom and his friends/family).

I honestly expected most of our Irish and American guests to be standing by the bar all night, and the Desi guests to be mingling around their tables. But what actually happened is the best night of my life – everyone, and I mean everyone including my grandma, was on the dance floor. My parents, my groom’s parents, even the bartenders and our wedding coordinator were dancing. 

Yogi was so accommodating with my very particular playlist, but when it came time to improvise – i.e. when a sudden demand for Irish music came along – Yogi was able to seamlessly keep the party going while playing completely new songs that so many of us had never heard. It was so beautiful to see so many generations, cultures and races all connecting and having a blast together.

Beyond music, Yogi completely transformed our venue with his lighting and the 9×10 foot LED screen which we used for slideshows and music videos. When I look back at the photos and videos I am amazed that this was the same venue. The uplighting and spotlights, strobe lights changed the entire atmosphere and helped create that “club” feeling which I believe helped everyone get in the mood to dance all night. Yogi assured me from the beginning he would give me what I imagined for the night, and I was completely blown away by the finished product and actually getting my dream wedding.”

~ Farheen A.